Explore: A Winter Wonderland: Discovering Gudauri, Georgia

October 17th 2023 in Travel
Explore: A Winter Wonderland: Discovering Gudauri, Georgia

A Winter Wonderland: Discovering Gudauri, Georgia

Monument in Gudauri, Georgia

Though Georgia is known for its beautiful snow-topped mountains, they don’t get much finer than the ones in Gudauri. With the highest altitude in Europe, the ski resort is a must-visit when in the beautiful country. Let’s take a look at when you should go to Gudauri and the stunning sights you can expect to see while you’re there.

Exploring Guduari, Georgia

With mountains covered in snow for over five months of the year, Gudauri is a skiing hotspot with great links to popular Georgian cities such as Tbilisi and Batumi. A picturesque journey, with the trip made even better by hiring a car in Georgia. On your way, there are plenty of noteworthy stops, including the Zhinvali Reservoir and the quaint Pasanauri where trying some khinkalis is an absolute must.

Beginners and professionals alike gather at Gudauri Ski Resort, with instructors ready to hone or improve your skills and give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you want some time off the slopes, then the area also has stunning hikes to take in even more of the impressive landscape.

With luxurious hotels, warming delicacies and a whole range of adventures awaiting you, let’s explore Gudauri.

Mountains in Gudauri, Georgia

Wrap-Up For Gudauri’s Temperature

It’s not surprising that, for a location topped with snow five months a year, it is often pretty chilly in Gudauri!

Though it does warm up in the Summer months, it typically only reaches around 20 degrees. However, the Gudauri temperature drops significantly once we get to winter, getting as low as around -15!

Person sitting in snow amongst mountains

If you’re asking ‘When should I go to Gudauri?’, then early on in the year is best for skiing. Many recommend visiting the ski resort from January until April for the best snow conditions to take on the slopes.

Of course, it isn’t just skiing on offer this time of year, with other snow sports such as snowboarding and more for you to partake in.

Exploring Gudauri Ski Resort

Kite-flying in Gudauri mountains

With the lowest part of Gudauri Ski Resort still 2000m above sea level, you really are in the heavens here.If that’s not high enough for you, then there are cable cars that take you way above 3000m, giving you a unique perspective of the snowy slopes below.

There are a huge 20 slopes to test your Gudauri skiing, split into four classes of difficulty: green for beginners, all the way to black for the highest difficulty.

Even if you don’t fancy skiing, you can enjoy the stunning views by using the ski lift from some of the hotels and back. With over 18 at Gudauri Ski Resort, you don’t have to worry about the queue!

Hotels often have their own staff ready for visitors to hire for either touring the slopes or for a lesson or two. There are even more once you head to the slopes, so don’t worry about not having the opportunity to make the most of Gudauri skiing.

There is no need to worry about safety either. The slopes all have patrols and lifeguards to ensure everything is as it should and the only things you come away with are lifetime memories and some impressive skiing skills!

Have An Unbelievable Adventure On The Gudauri To Stepantsminda Cable Car

Though we’ve spoken about the cable car above the slopes, there is an even more impressive journey you can take from the skies.

Cable cart in Gudauri, Georgia

Connecting the ski resort to Stepantsminda, home to the Ushguli settlements, is a 7.5-kilometre cable car track, the longest in Georgia. Only taking 20 minutes, it is not only convenient but a fantastic opportunity to make the most of the two resorts with a unique perspective.

Float over the Caucasus Mountains, including Mount Kazbegi, ensuring you pack your camera for some enviable holiday snaps!

Go Snowmobiling!

Perhaps the cable cart or skiing isn’t adventurous enough if you’re looking for a thrilling trip. There’s no need to look any further, as you can partake in snowmobiling here as well!

Take lessons and set off across the snow, just remember to wear something warm!

Person on black snowmobile

Many people dream of going on a skiing holiday, and Gudauri is the perfect location. With plenty of offers for all abilities and a more fitting resort for travelling on a budget, book your winter wonderland holiday to Gudauri.

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