Here Are 5 Reasons To Celebrate New Year in Georgia

January 10th 2024 in Celebration
Here Are 5 Reasons To Celebrate New Year in Georgia

Here Are 5 Reasons To Celebrate New Year in Georgia

Here are some great reasons why you should spend the new year in Georgia next time you’re travelling through the winter

The Decorations

New Year is a memorable holiday celebrated worldwide; Tbilisi is no exception. The streets, adorned with glittering lamps, create a festive atmosphere. The city sparkles with bright lights, and taking an evening stroll through the town is the perfect way to soak in the dreamy atmosphere of the upcoming celebrations.

New Year is celebrated differently in different regions, and Tbilisi has unique traditions. There are several activities to participate in on this special day. Several outdoor concerts are held in the city centre, and everyone is welcome to join and enjoy a glass of wine. Georgian bazaars and streets are full of joy and vibrant colours, adding to the festive ambience.

Georgian feast

The preparations for the New Year celebration started a few days earlier in each Georgian family, making the New Year's table memorable with its unique charm and taste. There are top dishes that every Georgian should have on New Year's Eve. Suppose you want to celebrate this occasion like a real Georgian. In that case, you should have these top five foods on your supra (feast):

  • Satsivi (a thick paste made from walnuts and served cold).
  • Gozinaki (a traditional Georgian confection made of caramelized nuts fried in honey).
  • Eggplant with walnuts.
  • Khachapuri (cheese-filled bread).
  • Churchkhela (a traditional sweet).

New Year traditions

Did you know that Georgia has some fascinating New Year traditions? Their local version of Santa Claus, called "Tovlis Babua", looks different from the usual one and wears a snow-white "Nabadi" (a Georgian burka) instead of the traditional red-white dress. Also, the first guest to cross the threshold in the new year, known as the "Mekvle", is believed to bring either happiness or failure. In addition to the traditional Christmas tree, Georgians decorate a small tree made from a hazel branch called "Chichilaki".

Winter Holidays

If you want a well-rounded New Year holiday that includes relaxation and thrilling winter sports, then Georgia is the perfect destination for you. This country offers diverse winter experiences to cater to your preferences.

You can visit museums, historic baths, and modern bars in Tbilisi to explore the city's unique culture. Batumi is known for its distinct coffee brewed on hot sand and scenic views of the winter sea and snow-capped mountains. Svaneti boasts medieval towers, hidden treasures, and breathtaking scenery. You can visit monasteries, wine cellars, and spa hotels in Kakheti to rejuvenate yourself.

If you're a skiing enthusiast, you can have an unforgettable time at one of the high-class ski resorts in Georgia. Gudauri, Bakuriani, Mestia, Goderdzi, and Tetnuldi are some of the noteworthy ski resorts in Georgia that offer majestic snowy landscapes. You can make your New Year celebration memorable with your loved ones at any of these resorts.

Double Celebration

As the country is located between Europe and Asia, the mix of influences from the two continents has resulted in unique local traditions and customs – unlike what you find anywhere else: for example, the fact that Georgians celebrate New Year twice.

On 1st January, there is the first New Year celebration. And only two weeks later, still in the mood for the New Year, we celebrate the Old New Year on 14th January.