Why Batumi, Georgia, Should Be On Your Travel Bucketlist

October 13th 2023 in Travel
Why Batumi, Georgia, Should Be On Your Travel Bucketlist

The Best Bucket List in Batumi Travel

Birds eye view of batumi on sunny day

The second largest city in the county, Batumi, Georgia, is known as the Pearl of the Black Sea. Charming, with a fascinating city there are plenty of reasons why you should add Batumi to your 2-week itinerary for Georgia.

Discover Batumi City’s Enchanting History

Having existed through documentation for over 2,000 years, it’s no surprise that Batumi city has a long and fascinating history.

Batumi's history begins back in the 3rd Century BC. It was first named as part of the Colchis Kingdom by Aristotle. Then used as a stop-off location for the Greeks visiting the colonies. It’s from this ancient civilisation that the city got its first name - Bathys Limen, meaning deep harbour.

A hundred years later Batumi was rebuilt and fortified by the Romans. For over a millennia, ‘ownership’ of the city changed frequently until it officially became part of the Kingdom of Georgia in the 10th Century. 500 years later it was then under Ottoman rule until Russia defeated them in the 1800s and Batumi became a free port.

Batumi quickly expanded and became connected to the rest of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Finally gaining its city status in 1888, it became part of Georgia once and for all in 1903.

Is Batumi Worth Visiting?

Batumi skyline on cloudy day

Batumi is a very unique city and unlike any other in Georgia, meaning it is well worth a visit to contrast other destinations in the country.

Its subtropical temperature means that it’s pleasant all year round. Plus, its mix of more traditional and highly modern architecture means there is something fascinating to see around every corner.

Whilst Batumi city itself is a metropolitan centre, its location means it’s near to plenty of stunning landscapes. With its long beach stretching out against the Black Sea and plenty of nature reserves close by, it’s also a great destination for those seeking beautiful scenery.

Whether you want a relaxed stop-over whilst exploring Georgia or a fun city break, Batumi is definitely worth visiting.

Exploring The Charms Of Batumi City

Batumi lighthouse and ferris wheel

There are plenty of things to do in this beautiful city, with hidden gems waiting to be found. With a huge amount of culture, nightlife, delicious Georgian food and more, let's explore the charms of Batumi.

  1. Batumi Boulevard

Stretching out for 7 kilometres, the red brick road is much loved in the city and beyond. First laid in the late 1880s, the boulevard offers a scenic walk, or bike ride, along the Batumi seafront.

batumi boulevard on sunny day

The paths of the boulevard lead you through pristine gardens, play areas for the whole family to enjoy and plenty of cafes to enjoy some authentic Georgian food.

If you head down in the early evening then the atmosphere is electric. As the sun sets over the sea, plenty of people come out to enjoy the last few hours of daylight.

2. Spot The Amazing Sculptures

Whilst on your walk, as well as dotted around the city, see how many of the fascinating sculptures you can find. Dozens line the seafront, with many owed to a romantic theme and perfect selfie spots to capture some holiday memories.

batumi sculptures in front of ferris wheel

One of the most famous is the Batumi Octopus, sculpted in 1975. This is a huge mosaic piece which even has a cafe inside! It is definitely worth a visit just to say that you’ve done it!

3. Nature Reserves

Batumi is perfectly located so visitors can enjoy some of Georgia’s best sceneries and environments. In fact, three are fairly close by, day trips made even better by renting a car in Georgia.

The first is Machakhela National Park, a region that has been around since the Ice Age. Here, you’ll wind through dense rainforests with the chance to see amazing animals such as wolves, lynxes and brown bears.

Batumi botanical garden

Another is Kintrishi National Park, home to the famous Tsablnari Waterfall, typically covered in a fairytale-like-mist and lush forest as a background.

If you would rather stay closer afield, then Batumi, Georgia, is home to Batumi Botanical Garden. Covering 108 acres, the park is home to multiple climate zones and thousands of species of wildlife, there is plenty to be explored here.

Where To Stay In The Vibrant Batumi

Once the sun sets, Batumi is home to an impressive nightlife, meaning that staying the night is a must if you want the full experience of the city.

That means having some Batumi hotel recommendations is also a must, and luckily we can help you out.

Two of the most famous and well-reviewed accommodations in the city are the Batumi Hilton Hotel and the Batumi Sheraton.

The Batumi Hilton is a five-star establishment and offers magnificent views over the city and the Black Sea. With all the city highlights a short walk from the hotel’s entrance, this is an ideal location for those wanting to explore Batumi by foot.

On the other hand, the Batumi Sheraton Hotel is the perfect location to suit all your holiday needs. If you are there for business, then there are plenty of conference and meeting rooms available to hire. If you are there for leisure, there are spas, restaurants and more to give you the taste of luxury travel in Georgia while visiting the city.

Wherever you decide to stay, ensure that Batumi, Georgia is on your travel bucket list.

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