Georgia Seasons: Springtime

March 15th 2023 in Travel
Georgia Seasons: Springtime

Georgia in Spring

Georgia gradually attracts people worldwide as the weather warms and the trees begin to bloom. The region offers numerous opportunities for exploration. Stay in cities and towns if you prefer to avoid hiking in isolated villages. Here’s a list of the most extraordinary things to see and do in Georgia during spring.

Explore the historical sights in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, is the ideal site to begin your holiday. History and culture fans will enjoy the city because it combines the two. While traversing the cobblestone streets, visitors can admire the perfect blend of modern and historic structures. Stroll through Abanotubani’s ancient town, visit the Narikala Fortress for beautiful views of the region and Mtkvari River, and climb the Mother of Georgia statue, which overlooks the entire city. Visit Mtatsminda for more stunning views of Tbilisi, where you may enjoy the warm weather at a theme park and a beverage of your choice at the Funicular.

Walk in the Botanical Garden

Tbilisi Botanical Garden is a beautiful location to unwind after exploring the ancient town. When the trees bloom, the garden takes on new life at the end of April. The garden, which spans 128ha (52 acres), contains over 3,500 plant species worldwide. Explore numerous pavilions, waterfalls, rising bridges, and other features. Back in the day, the current Tbilisi Botanical Garden was located on the grounds of a royal garden. Yet, over time, it evolved into a series of arboretums. Its approximate foundation date is 1845, making it one of the post-Soviet era’s oldest botanical gardens.

Visit the two must-see museums in Tbilisi.

Even though Tbilisi is home to numerous museums, there are two that you must see during your visit. The Archaeological Treasury, for example, showcases rich goldsmith artefacts uncovered during a cross-country archaeological expedition. Those interested in art should go to the National Gallery to see works by prominent Georgian artists of the twentieth century, such as Niko Pirosmanashvili, Lado Gudiashvili, and David Kakabadze.

Attend the New Wine Festival in Tbilisi.

The New Wine Festival in Tbilisi in May focuses on wines made from late-harvest grapes. The holding vessels are unlocked in the spring, and winemakers bring them out for residents to try. The festival’s location changes yearly, as do the firms who participate. Attending such an event is a terrific way to taste and learn about Georgian wine and the ancient winemaking processes used.

Pay a visit to the former capital of Georgia.

Mtskheta is Georgia’s former capital and one of the country’s oldest cities. The city is a Unesco World Heritage site and is relatively modest, making it an ideal day trip from Tbilisi.

The city is notable for its many Christian sites and is one of the Georgian Orthodox Church’s religious centres. The main attractions here are Svetitskoveli Church and Jvari Monastery. The first is a remarkable example of ecclesiastical Medieval Georgian architecture with stunning frescoes. The Jvari Monastery, located on a hill overlooking Mtskheta, is thought to be where St Nino, one of the men who brought Christianity to the area, placed a wooden cross in the fourth century.

Explore Georgia’s popular wine region.

Kakheti is Georgia’s most well-known wine area. It is home to numerous wineries that provide tours of their chateaux, factories, and lawns. Yet, don’t limit your visit to the vineyards; the region is also known for its lovely cities and historic sites. Stroll through Signaghi’s small cobblestone lanes and take in the stunning vistas of the Alazani Valley. As you walk the rest of the city wall, take in the colourful timber buildings with red roofs and the Caucasus Mountains in the distance.

Take a little diversion on your trip to Kakheti to see the cave town of David Gareja. The facility is located in the arid region of the country and shares a border with Azerbaijan. The site, founded by one of the 13 Assyrian Fathers who introduced Christianity in Georgia in the sixth century, is a fascinating destination to visit.

Admire the waterfalls in Tsalka

Tsalka’s Dashbashi Canyons are among the most stunning natural landmarks in the country. The emerald-green waterfall is a spectacular sight at any time of year. Spring and summer are relaxed here, but the surroundings are lush and beautiful.

Stroll through the Rabati Fortress

The Rabati Fortress, a Medieval castle complex established in the ninth century, is in Akhaltsikhe. The town was formerly known as Lomisa, but the name was allegedly altered in the 12th century. Rabati Fortress is open to visitors all year and is notable for having Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, and Orthodox places of worship coexisting in one location.

Get lost in an ancient cave town.

Vardzia is one of the country’s best-preserved cave settlements. The cave complex, created in the second half of the 12th century, spans over 500 metres along a rock (1,640ft). Aside from exploring the caves, you may also visit the Cathedral of Dormition, which still houses a beautiful collection of murals.

Plan a perfect getaway to the Black Sea.

Batumi is a popular summer resort for many residents, so the city may become rather crowded and packed. Hence, if you enjoy visiting destinations in the middle or off-season, visiting Batumi in the spring is a good option. Prices are substantially lower, and the weather is still pleasant and bright. Walk down the Boulevard, admiring the statues and historic structures and sampling the famed adjaruli khachapuri (a Georgian cheese bread).

Visit the most famous resort in Georgia.

Borjomi is one of the country’s most popular vacation towns, and it’s easy to understand why: it’s nestled in the stunning Borjomi Gorge on the eastern side of the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. Borjomi, known for its mineral water industry, national park, and the Romanov Castle in Likani, should be on your bucket list when visiting Georgia. Borjomi is notable because its mineral springs are thought to have medicinal properties. Several people come here to better their health.